Small bathroom remodel ideas

You have a small bathroom with only a few square meters? No problem. Simply make your mini bathroom bigger, more beautiful and more homely with these remodel ideas.

Small bathroom remodel ideas
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You have a small bathroom with only a few square meters? No problem. Simply make your mini bathroom bigger, more beautiful and more homely.

Natural light, bright colors and lots of glass: with a few tricks, you can turn even small bathrooms into a gem. We show suggestions on how to visually enlarge your bathroom while accommodating everything you need for your oasis of well-being.

The average size of German bathrooms is less than eight square meters - so every centimeter must be used wisely. The practical arrangement of sanitary objects, the integration of light and the realization of customer wishes in terms of colors and materials present bathroom planners with major challenges - with results that are well worth seeing. Here, the professionals reveal their tips for small bathrooms with a big impact.

Large ensuite bathroom with stand-alone bath tub.
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Do not divide a small bathroom additionally

Openness is mandatory for anyone with a small bathroom. Therefore, avoid dividing it even further with surfaces. Completely tiled and equipped with an open shower, such a bathroom becomes spatially much larger. You should also avoid transverse furniture, they act in small or narrow bathrooms rather like barriers. Instead, if you boldly emphasize the floor plan, you will be visually guided when entering the room. This makes a small bathroom look much more inviting right away.

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Save space

It's best to use your small bathroom as a shower room only. A fully tiled shower area looks much larger than a bathroom with a built-in tub. Lightweight plumbing walls that house plumbing and the sink are also ideal for small bathrooms. Plumbing walls can also be used to build niches that can accommodate the shower. Small, existing niches can also be transformed with a few shelves great as storage areas for towels and utensils, thus increasing the storage space without additional furniture.

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Small bathroom with huge character

And another tip: Natural materials such as stone and wood make a small bathroom sensual and cozy. Larch wood is ideal for the bathroom because it is naturally water-repellent. To prevent water stains as far as possible, an additional protective layer of wood oil is suitable. Another advantage of wood: the light surfaces visually widen the space, making a small bathroom appear larger.

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Work with light

Light also makes a small bathroom seem more spacious. For example, it can sometimes help to realign the ceiling lighting or install several spotlights instead of a single, large fixture. Flush floor lights also add width and direct the eye. Major changes such as new skylights or enlarging windows are also ideal for more light.

Feign spaciousness

A small bathroom opens up invitingly when walls and floors are designed with the same materials. Give it a try: This creates a unity that makes a small bathroom seem more spacious. The tighter the joints are kept, the more visual tranquility is created. Mirrors are also a good trick to visually enlarge a small bathroom, as they feign additional space.

Luxury bathroom with marble floor, green tiles, and un-lacquered brass fittings.
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Invest in classy tiles

Tiny rooms look good with a little luxury in the décor. Therefore, if you don't have to tile a lot of surface area, you can go ahead and lay it on thicker. Mosaic tiles above the washstand, for example, look classy and bring a touch of luxury to a small bathroom. Mosaic pictures draw attention to themselves and distract additionally from the narrowness. And if you want, you can add a touch of sunshine to small bathrooms without windows with tiles in gold leaf or with a metallic surface.